Pregnancy • Postpartum

Childbearing and child-rearing can be wonderful times in a woman’s life. Yet they can also bring physical challenges as the body adapts to pregnancy, recovers from the post-partum period and adjusts to the stress of child care. Low back pain, sciatica, muscle strain and shoulder pain are just some of the problems women face. Few women realize that a qualified physical therapist can help reduce or eliminate these conditions.

How We Can Help

There are many self-care strategies for easing the discomforts of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Practicing good posture, wearing comfortable shoes, sleeping on your side and lifting properly are just a few strategies. Patients who cannot resolve their pain on their own should seek physical therapy, which may include techniques such as:

Soft tissue mobilization –Decreases discomfort and improves flexibility for tight muscles.

Supervised therapeutic exercise –Decreases pain and adds flexibility while strengthening core stabilization muscles in the back and abdomen.

One-on-one training –Establishes individualized home exercise programs and teaches proper movement.

Postural assessment & body mechanics –Leads to better symptom management and improved tolerance for activity while decreasing the risk of injury.

Instruction for lifting & carrying –Teaches proper techniques for avoiding strain or injury from common daily activities.

Prescription bracing –Decreases discomfort during pregnancy.

Physical therapy modalities –For the postpartum patient, modalities including ultrasound, moist heat and electrical stimulation can help reduce discomfort and muscle tightness.

Our programs help increase patients’ activity tolerances for home tasks and other activities while decreasing the chances of injury. Our goal is to get a patient through her pregnancy-related pain, aches and other symptoms. We always put patients first. In fact, no other physical therapy facility offers as much experience and credentialed expertise as we do.

To learn more about how we can help your back pain, muscle aches and sciatica, please contact our downtown Spokane location at (509) 326-7311 or our South Hill location at (509) 443-9323.